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Ryan Elantri: College of Liberal Arts

Ryan Elantri knows that The Pennsylvania State University College of Liberal Arts offers two different undergraduate degree programs at University Park, Pennsylvania. The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in economics (ECLBA and ECLBS) require that the student complete 45 credits of General Education as well as all requirements for the economics major.

Ryan Elantri suggest If the Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree is chosen, the student must complete all university requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree. A satisfactory number of elective credits must be earned to bring the total number of credits earned to 120. Students must complete coursework for the major with a grade of C or better.

The Writing Across the Curriculum course for 3 credits and the Intercultural and International Requirement must be met by completing a GI course. Ryan Elantri says that the Writing and Diversity courses can be used, as well, to satisfy General Education, major, B.A., college or elective requirements.

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