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Ryan Elantri: Analyst in the Financials Sector

Ryan Elantri is also an Analyst in the Financials Sector for the Penn State Investment Association of Pennsylvania State University. Ryan Elantri works with The Nittany Lion Fund LLC, a student operated hedge fund which is the largest hedge fund educational organization hybrid in the United States. The Fund is endorsed by Jim Cramer, a former hedge fund manager, best-selling author and the host of CNBC television’s Mad Money.

Ryan Elantri collaborates weekly in The Nittany Lion Fund Financials break-out meetings, where he consolidates training in ratio analysis, accounting, DCFs, time value of money theory and other financial analysis and investment valuation principles and techniques. DCF is an acronym for Discounted Cash Flow, a valuation method used to evaluate the desirability of investments. Ryan Elantri is adept at the use of DCF analysis, which uses future cash flow predictions to correct for discounts, helping him arrive at an estimate of present value. DCF has also been described as a Discounted Cash Flows Model.

As a weekly collaborator at The Nittany Lion Fund LLC Financials break-out meetings, Ryan Elantri helps train others through simulated financial valuation and hedging techniques. These are executed in PSIA (Private Schools Interscholastic Association) Stock Pitch Competition against an array of teams, over 20 in all.

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