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Ryan Elantri: Advice for Those New to Programming

Ryan Elantri spent much of his student career at The Pennsylvania State University obtaining an in-depth understanding of finance, economics and the inner workings of Wall Street. Equipped to take on the demands of a financial industry career, Ryan Elantri is prepared to meet the challenges he will face throughout what promises to be a lengthy and successful tenure with a major financial institution.

In addition to honing his skills in finance, Ryan Elantri made an effort to better understand the challenges inherent in computer programming (through enrollment in an introductory C++ Programming course).

While such pitfalls exist, it’s important to know how to overcome them.

Study Constantly

The language(s) of programming is ever-changing. Such evolution requires programmers to know when such updates or adaptations are made, how extensive they are, and what will be needed to keep up. Keep a vigilant eye on not only what you’re working with, but how the industry itself is moving and in which direction.

Use Available Resources

Programmers and publications are everywhere, and should be utilized as much and often as possible, particularly when you run into a gap in your skills or knowledge base. Mr. Ryan Elantri says, never hesitate to enter a forum and read a manual when needing a question answered. Chances are good other programmers are doing the same.

Be Precise

For better or worse, computer programming leaves little room for error. Paying attention to detail, and being consistently precise, is essential to any sort of sustained career in the field.

Ryan Elantri studied Economics and the Chines Language at The Pennsylvania State University.

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